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    Don't know what went wrong ..just simple

    I have a question ... I wanna do if and else in javascript ...simple eh?
    But my problem is ...
    It doesn't go into the statement ..
    and when I put else .. it gave me syntax error too ...
    below is the thing I wanna do
    If (isNaN(thenumber))
    when i comment the If ...
    the window alert display true ...but why it didn't just go in ...
    another thing is the when I wanna do else..didn't know why the editor giving me syntax error for the "else" ...
    I tried many ways to do it even putting the {} ..
    anyone has any idea?
    the editor I am using is Aptana Studio 3
    Thanks ...
    hope to get some ideas from anyone ..

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    JavaScript is case-sensitive.


    If anyone knows of a website that can offer ColdFusion help that isn't controlled by neurotic, pedantic jerks* (stackoverflow.com), please PM me with a link.
    The neurotic, pedantic jerks are not the owners; just the people who are in control of the "popularity contest".

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