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    Can someone help me create a script?

    I am trying to create a basic javascript that shows milage between severag areas, similar to what you find on the rear road atlas.
    I have tried and failed to create anything, i just think i am total useless at understanding javascript.

    The basic concept is this image attached.

    There would be a drop down box that lists the destinations and another with the same but would be departure.
    When a person chooses example: Butte >>> Kalipsell it would show 238 and vice versa.
    it seems a simple thing to do but cant get my head around it all.
    Could someone create a simple script, say 3 destinations and i will fill the rest in and see if i can understand what i am doing and then ask for additional help if required?
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Can someone help me create a script?-mileage-chart.jpg  

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    Lightbulb Something to consider...

    Try this, but if you add more cities, make sure you understand the layout and how it should be altered.
    <title> Milage Chart </title>
    <script type="text/javascript">
    // For: http://www.codingforums.com/showthread.php?t=249544
    var cities = [
     ['Billings',     0,143,228,219,241],
     ['Bozeman',    143,  0, 86,185, 98],
     ['Butte',      228, 86,  0,155, 69],
     ['Great Falls',219,185,155,  0, 91],
     ['Hellena',    241, 98, 69, 91,  0]
    function setOptions(SBox){
      var choices = [];
      var sel = document.getElementById(SBox);
      sel.options.length = 0;
    //  sel.options[sel.options.length] = new Option('Select','',false,false);
      for (i=0; i<cities.length; i++) {  
        sel.options[sel.options.length] = new Option(cities[i][0],cities[i][0],false,false);
      sel.selectedIndex = 0;
    function showDistance() {
      var from_city = document.getElementById('fromCity').selectedIndex;
      var to_city = document.getElementById('toCity').selectedIndex;
      alert('Distance between is: '+cities[from_city][to_city+1]);
    window.onload = function () {
    <style type="text/css">
    From: <select id="fromCity"></select>
    To: <select id="toCity"></select>
    <button onclick="showDistance()">Distance</button>


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