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    Error: identifier starts immediately after numeric literal

    I am facing identifier starts immediately after numeric literal error in firefox

    onclick="document.location.href='<%= themeDisplay.getPathMain() %>/portal/ext/asite/assignOrg'"/>

    can any 1 solve this??

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    it looks to me like it should be
    onclick="document.location.href='<%= themeDisplay.getPathMain() %>/portal/ext/asite/assignOrg/>'"
    but that's just a guess...

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    I don't think so, xelawho.

    He's not showing the entire tag, but I thinkg the /> is the end of the tag that this onclick is an event handler for.

    I'm guessing that the error is actually right *before* this code.

    That is, he has something like
    <input type=checkbox value=7onclick="....."/>
    and it's complaining about the missing space after the 7.

    But the other possibility is that his ASP (or JSP, same syntax with both) code is dumping an apostrophe into the JavaScript.

    To really debug this, we need to see the *FULL* HTML source of the ENTIRE tag.

    That is, bring the web page up in your browser.
    Then click on the browser's VIEW menu.
    Then click on the SOURCE or PAGE SOURCE menu item.
    That will show you the HTML, without ASP/JSP getting in the way.

    Find the problem tag and copy the entire thing here. Better yes, copy about 10 lines before the problem through 10 lines after.
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