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    Question Questions about JavaScript terms

    I have been stuck on a few questions in my computer science class about javascript. I have read the entire chapter but I cannot find the answers to these questions. I believe that I have tryed every important word in every section of the chapter in all questions. I have used every source for this information available to me and after all of them found this website. This is probably extremely basic information but I am unable to solve it. The questions include(They were not numbered in assignment however I have numbered them to try and help):

    1. The Graphics class method for displaying text is _________.
    2 The applet or JFrame method that returns the Container object that represents the applet's (or JFrame's) space (its visual "real estate") is __________.
    3. The import statement needed to use button components in applets or GUI applications is ________.
    4. The general term for methods that are invoked as a result of a user action is __________.
    5. Clicking a button results in the creation of an _____________ object to represent the button click.
    6. Clicking a button may result in notification being sent to an ________ object.
    7. The method used to arrange for a button to notify another object when it is clicked later is to an __________.
    8. The class definition for objects that receive notifications of user operations on controls like buttons must contain the following phrase: __________.

    These questions are the last ones that I have left. I have tryed everything. I can submit answers as many times as I want, however there is a deadline.

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    Looks like you are SOL.

    Most of those questions look like they relate to Java, not Javascript.
    Wrong forum to get other than guesses.

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    But, really, you should have the Java docs bookmarked, permanently.


    and then from there:

    and finally:

    and if you can't pick out the right method from the ones listed there...

    HINT: Google is your friend. The JavaDocs are your bible.
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