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Thread: Radio Buttons

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    Radio Buttons

    On my website I have a radio button as any other normal radio button.

    <input type="radio" name="crime" value="4" id="4" class="submit">

    is there any way to get rid of this radio button and click something for example
    <td>Blah blah</td>
    <td>Blah Blah</td>

    is there any code i can put in the <tr> tag so if i click that section it will act as a radio button and when its selected change the background of the tr section.

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    This can be done with javascript to erase and replace a radio with a textual representation. I wouldn't replace the radio itself, I would use javascript to perform the change (keep in mind javascript is a pure client option which can be disabled).
    This doesn't have anything to do with Java though, moving from Java forum to Javascript forum.

    Looks like one in the PHP forum as well. I'll move that here and close this one.
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