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    Adding specific multiline text to a Text Area

    I require a function that adds multiple lines of text to what already exists in the text area. This is what i came up with but am unsure why it dont work
    Its to create functions similar to those link and Bold buttons in the forum here but to add HTML in this case its adding a table with 2 columns.

    <script language = Javascript 1.2>
    Function addtableone();
    document.form2.para1.value = document.form2.para1.value + vbcrlf + "<table width='100%' bgcolor=''>" + vbcrlf + "<tr>" + vbcrlf + "<td width='50%'>INSERT COLUMN 1 CONTENT HERE</td>" + vbcrlf + "</tr>" + vbcrlf + "<tr>" + vbcrlf + "<td width='50%'>INSERT COLUMN 2 CONTENT HERE</td>" + vbcrlf + "</tr>" + vbcrlf + "</table>"

    and to execute the Function:
    <input type="button" name="fnTableOne" value="ADD TABLE" onClick="addtableone();">

    Surely this is a rather easy thing to fix, hopefully
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    1) function (lowercase)
    2) document.form2.para1.value += (shorthand)
    3) Use single quotes for your JS string, doubles for HTML. Not absolutely required, but nicer.


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