Hi Chaps,

I have some Javascript code, that sucessfully exports Project data from an HTML table to an Excel SpreadSheet:
function ExportToExcel() {		
			var xlApp = new ActiveXObject("Excel.Application");
			// Silent-mode:
			xlApp.Visible = true;
			xlApp.DisplayAlerts = false;
			var xlBook = xlApp.Workbooks.Add();
			var XlSheet = xlBook.activeSheet;
			XlSheet.Name="Project Details";
			// Store the sheet header names in an array
			var rows = tbldisplay.getElementsByTagName("tr");
			var columns = tbldisplay.getElementsByTagName("th");
			var data = tbldisplay.getElementsByTagName("td");
			//run over the dynamic result table and pull out the values and insert into corresponding Excel cells
			var d = 0;
			for (r=4;r<rows.length+3;r++) { // start at row 2 as we've added in headers - so also add in another row!
				for (c=1;c<columns.length+1;c++) {
					XlSheet.cells(r,c).value = data[d].innerText;
					d = d + 1;
			//autofit the columns
			// Make visible:
			xlApp.visible = true;
			xlApp.DisplayAlerts = true;
As you can see, a new workbook is created and the data is exported to Excel ("Sheet1").
What I want to do is as soon as this export is complete, redirect to a seperate page, where the Jobs (linked to the Project) details are exported to Excel ("Sheet2"), without creating a new workbook.
Is this do-able?