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    onmouse over not working

    I got a javascript function from some website and I put some text. I have pasted the code below. I have a sentence called world's best dealing. When I put the apostrope (') in the world's, the javascript is throwing error. If I remove the (') I dont get any error. But the person is saying we need the apostrope. How can I over come this?

    SCRIPT IN HEAD SECTION<script language="javascript" <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
    /////////////////////// CUSTOMIZE HERE ////////////////////
    // settings for tooltip
    // Do you want tip to move when mouse moves over link?
    var tipFollowMouse= false;
    // Be sure to set tipWidth wide enough for widest image
    var tipWidth= 400;
    var offX= 20; // how far from mouse to show tip
    var offY= 12;
    var tipFontFamily= "Verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif";
    var tipFontSize= "8pt";
    // set default text color and background color for tooltip here
    // individual tooltips can have their own (set in messages arrays)
    // but don't have to
    var tipFontColor= "#000000";
    var tipBgColor= "#DDECFF";
    var tipBorderColor= "#000080";
    var tipBorderWidth= 1;
    var tipBorderStyle= "ridge";
    var tipPadding= 4;

    // tooltip content goes here (image, description, optional bgColor, optional textcolor)
    var messages = new Array();
    // multi-dimensional arrays containing:
    // image and text for tooltip
    // optional: bgColor and color to be sent to tooltip
    messages[0] = new Array('images/spacer.gif','database in the world with almost seven million records referencing 5,000 engineering journals and conferences dating from 1970. The database is updated weekly.',"#FFFFCC");
    messages[1] = new Array('images/spacer.gif','database providing access to the world's scientific literature in electrical engineering, electronics, physics, control engineering, information technology, communications, computers and computing.',"#FFFFCC");
    messages[2] = new Array('images/spacer.gif','Your institutions add-on subscription Database allows you access to some of the worlds leading engineering handbooks published Press.',"#FFFFCC");
    messages[3] = new Array('images/spacer.gif','The Database offers access to its full text patent database. Full text patents are available from 1790 to date, with weekly updates.',"#FFFFCC");
    messages[4] = new Array('images/spacer.gif','Database provides access to patents produced by national patent offices in Europe , the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and Japan.',"#FFFFCC");
    messages[5] = new Array('images/spacer.gif','Database offers one of the worlds largest collections of industry standards and specifications aggregated from over 350 leading standards developing organizations.',"#FFFFCC");
    messages[6] = new Array('images/spacer.gif','Database is the most comprehensive science-specific search engine available on the internet. Driven by the latest search engine technology, it enables scientists, students and anyone searching for scientific information to pinpoint data, locate university sites and find reports articles quickly and easily.',"#FFFFCC");
    messages[7] = new Array('images/spacer.gif','News feeds from company on a broad spectrum of engineering topics.',"#FFFFCC");

    //////////////////// END OF CUSTOMIZATION AREA ///////////////////

    // preload images that are to appear in tooltip
    // from arrays above
    if (document.images) {
    var theImgs = new Array();
    for (var i=0; i<messages.length; i++) {
    theImgs[i] = new Image();
    theImgs[i].src = messages[i][0];

    // to layout image and text, 2-row table, image centered in top cell
    // these go in var tip in doTooltip function
    // startStr goes before image, midStr goes between image and text
    var startStr = '<table width="' + tipWidth + '"><tr><td align="center" width="100%"><img src="';
    var midStr = '" border="0"></td></tr><tr><td valign="top">';
    var endStr = '</td></tr></table>';

    // initTip - initialization for tooltip.
    // Global variables for tooltip.
    // Set styles for all but ns4.
    // Set up mousemove capture if tipFollowMouse set true.
    var tooltip, tipcss;
    function initTip() {
    if (nodyn) return;
    tooltip = (ns4)? document.tipDiv.document: (ie4)? document.all['tipDiv']: (ie5||ns5)? document.getElementById('tipDiv'): null;
    tipcss = (ns4)? document.tipDiv: tooltip.style;
    if (ie4||ie5||ns5) { // ns4 would lose all this on rewrites
    tipcss.width = tipWidth+"px";
    tipcss.fontFamily = tipFontFamily;
    tipcss.fontSize = tipFontSize;
    tipcss.color = tipFontColor;
    tipcss.backgroundColor = tipBgColor;
    tipcss.borderColor = tipBorderColor;
    tipcss.borderWidth = tipBorderWidth+"px";
    tipcss.padding = tipPadding+"px";
    tipcss.borderStyle = tipBorderStyle;
    if (tooltip&&tipFollowMouse) {
    if (ns4) document.captureEvents(Event.MOUSEMOVE);
    document.onmousemove = trackMouse;

    window.onload = initTip;

    // doTooltip function
    // Assembles content for tooltip and writes
    // it to tipDiv
    var t1,t2; // for setTimeouts
    var tipOn = false; // check if over tooltip link
    function doTooltip(evt,num) {
    if (!tooltip) return;
    if (t1) clearTimeout(t1); if (t2) clearTimeout(t2);
    tipOn = true;
    // set colors if included in messages array
    if (messages[num][2]) var curBgColor = messages[num][2];
    else curBgColor = tipBgColor;
    if (messages[num][3]) var curFontColor = messages[num][3];
    else curFontColor = tipFontColor;
    if (ns4) {
    var tip = '<table bgcolor="' + tipBorderColor + '" width="' + tipWidth + '" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="' + tipBorderWidth + '" border="0"><tr><td><table bgcolor="' + curBgColor + '" width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="' + tipPadding + '" border="0"><tr><td>'+ startStr + messages[num][0] + midStr + '<span style="font-family:' + tipFontFamily + '; font-size:' + tipFontSize + '; color:' + curFontColor + ';">' + messages[num][1] + '</span>' + endStr + '</td></tr></table></td></tr></table>';
    } else if (ie4||ie5||ns5) {
    var tip = startStr + messages[num][0] + midStr + '<span style="font-family:' + tipFontFamily + '; font-size:' + tipFontSize + '; color:' + curFontColor + ';">' + messages[num][1] + '</span>' + endStr;
    tipcss.backgroundColor = curBgColor;
    tooltip.innerHTML = tip;
    if (!tipFollowMouse) positionTip(evt);
    else t1=setTimeout("tipcss.visibility='visible'",100);

    var mouseX, mouseY;
    function trackMouse(evt) {
    mouseX = (ns4||ns5)? evt.pageX: window.event.clientX + document.body.scrollLeft;
    mouseY = (ns4||ns5)? evt.pageY: window.event.clientY + document.body.scrollTop;
    if (tipOn) positionTip(evt);

    // positionTip function
    // If tipFollowMouse set false, so trackMouse function
    // not being used, get position of mouseover event.
    // Calculations use mouseover event position,
    // offset amounts and tooltip width to position
    // tooltip within window.
    function positionTip(evt) {
    if (!tipFollowMouse) {
    mouseX = (ns4||ns5)? evt.pageX: window.event.clientX + document.body.scrollLeft;
    mouseY = (ns4||ns5)? evt.pageY: window.event.clientY + document.body.scrollTop;
    // tooltip width and height
    var tpWd = (ns4)? tooltip.width: (ie4||ie5)? tooltip.clientWidth: tooltip.offsetWidth;
    var tpHt = (ns4)? tooltip.height: (ie4||ie5)? tooltip.clientHeight: tooltip.offsetHeight;
    // document area in view (subtract scrollbar width for ns)
    var winWd = (ns4||ns5)? window.innerWidth-20+window.pageXOffset: document.body.clientWidth+document.body.scrollLeft;
    var winHt = (ns4||ns5)? window.innerHeight-20+window.pageYOffset: document.body.clientHeight+document.body.scrollTop;
    // check mouse position against tip and window dimensions
    // and position the tooltip
    if ((mouseX+offX+tpWd)>winWd)
    tipcss.left = (ns4)? mouseX-(tpWd+offX): mouseX-(tpWd+offX)+"px";
    else tipcss.left = (ns4)? mouseX+offX: mouseX+offX+"px";
    if ((mouseY+offY+tpHt)>winHt)
    tipcss.top = (ns4)? winHt-(tpHt+offY): winHt-(tpHt+offY)+"px";
    else tipcss.top = (ns4)? mouseY+offY: mouseY+offY+"px";
    if (!tipFollowMouse) t1=setTimeout("tipcss.visibility='visible'",100);

    function hideTip() {
    if (!tooltip) return;
    tipOn = false;


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    Escape it. If you need a string literal to contain it's delimeter, you must escape that character with a backslash.

    alert( 'it's a problem' )

    Will throw an error, because the script engine thinks the string ends at "it" and can't interpret the rest.

    alert( 'it\'s a problem' )

    will work fine, because the escaping backslash tells the script engine "this is a regular character, not a delimeter"
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