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    Adding dependancies between select lists

    Hello guys,

    I am using the javascript from:

    I have added a third row of selection by adding into the <script>:

    function getStateList(sel)
    	var countryCode = sel.options[sel.selectedIndex].value;
    	document.getElementById('dhtmlgoodies_state').options.length = 0;	// Empty city select box
    		var index = ajax.length;
    		ajax[index] = new sack();
    		ajax[index].requestFile = 'getCities.php?countryCode='+countryCode;	// Specifying which file to get
    		ajax[index].onCompletion = function(){ createState(index) };	// Specify function that will be executed after file has been found
    		ajax[index].runAJAX();		// Execute AJAX function
    function createState(index)
    	var obj = document.getElementById('dhtmlgoodies_state');
    	eval(ajax[index].response);	// Executing the response from Ajax as Javascript code	
    and into html
    		<td><h1>State:</h1> </td>
    		<td><select id="dhtmlgoodies_state" name="dhtmlgoodies_state" onchange="getCityList(this)">
    Does anyone know how to add dependencies so that the second selection appears (graphically) after the first one is selected, and the third one after the second?

    That would help me much because there is a slight bug with this script, now I added a row (when third selected, selecting back to the first makes second only empty...) and this would sort it + would look fancier obviously.

    I found a post here about this effect: Multiple Select Boxes
    but since I am using a lot of variables in my lists (50), it would be a pain to use this technique.

    Thanks a lot!
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