Hello, I am working on a panarama effect using canvas/excanvas. The script works perfectly in firefox, safari and IE (using excanvas) but is quite slow in chrome.

Essentially drawing code is:
update: function update() {
  this.start = // start calculation
  this.end = // end calculations

  this._move = this.draw.delay(this._update, this); // delay then update again, using mootools

draw: function () {
  this.canvas.drawImage(this.image, start,0,  end-start, this.imageHeight);
  // draw second image
Basically the effect is to scroll a wide image left or right when mousing over elements. I suspect that the issue may be from calling the drawing code too quickly but I have tried running it periodically (every x milliseconds) and running it as a delay (x milliseconds after returning from draw()). If anyone has any insight it would be very appreciated.