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    Unhappy toFixed() with getElementById?

    Hi, I just started learning JavaScript, so please bear with me.

    I made a JS function that finds all the parts of a triangle. However, after calculating, the answers would be off maybe a billionth. I want to make a function that rounds the answers to 6 decimal places, but it's not working... Here's what I tried:
    function round(){
    var x = document.getElementById("input_id").value;
    document.getElementById("div_id").innerHTML = x.toFixed(6)
    and also
    function round(){
    var x = document.getElementById("input_id").value;
    var y = x.toFixed(6)
    document.getElementById("div_id").innerHTML = y
    neither of these work, but THIS DOES:
    var x = document.getElementById("input_id").value.length;
    document.getElementById("div_id").innerHTML = x.toFixed(6)
    So, what am I doing wrong and why would 'document.getElementById.value' not work but 'document.getElementById.value.length' would?

    EDIT: Resolved, turned out I just needed to add parseFloat(x) before rounding.
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