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    The FastDatePicker component

    I am creating a website that using this component. The component worked fine but i need to make some changes for my own idea.

    I'd like to change the simple Character "<", ">" in the candenlar for prev, next month into images like "../images/prev.gif" and "../images/next.gif"

    I knew the code for creating the "<", ">" button is around line num 200.

    Anyone already used this component and understand lines of code, please tell me where to chage.

    The component url is here: http://fastdatepicker.sourceforge.net/
    Thanks in advance.

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    Well, shouldn't really be too hard to do. Just replace the document.createTextNode on line 197 and line 215 with the following:

    var img = document.createElement("img");
    img.setAttribute("src", "images/prev.gif");
    img.setAttribute("height", "10");
    img.setAttribute("width", "10");
    img.setAttribute("alt", "Previous/Next Month");
    And you should be set. Of course, you'd want to change the height/width and alt/src options to suiut your setup, but all in all, this should do the trick. Enjoy.
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