I am a Java developer trying to run my application on FireFox 3.0.1. Strangely the function broke and its not returning the expected result.

Most importantly there are two functions which perform the same function at two different jsp's. One is working fine and the other broke.

I have replaced the code with the working one with non working one still the operation fails.

When i tried to debug through the javascript function by putting ALERT statements i found a strange behaviour.

Failing function:
function newAppointmentNameHideDiv()
      if ( fcCalRefreshInProgress == 1 )
      obj = null;
      if (fcNewApptNameHolder == null) {
        fcNewApptNameHolder = document.getElementById('fcNewApptName');
        obj = fcNewApptNameHolder;
      else {
        obj = fcNewApptNameHolder;
     // Hide it
      obj.style.visibility = 'hidden';
      alert("After Hide it");  ALERT1
      obj.style.display = 'none';
     // remove it from the table cell
      alert("after remove it from the table cell"); ALERT2
      // place it in a "holder"
     alert("final statement");   ALERT3
     // $('fcApptsMain').appendChild(obj);
     alert("placing it in the holder"); ALERT4
Actually it is executing the javascript and showing the output perfectly. But finally when it comes to the end of the Javascript the output is lost . At the ALERT4 also the output is fine but when i click ok on the ALERT4 , the output is lost.

Here The Output is : when i click on the cross(x) image then it should close.

Any help on this is really Appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.