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    .onMouseOver? Sidemenu when hovering over a link.

    As you may have notice, I have created a post previous to this, I thought to keep the questions in a different post for the benefit for others, searching wise.

    O-kay, here are the nuts and bolt of my question.

    On the godday site, under the domain page, in the center as shown in the following picture, when you highlight your cursor over a link, a box appears below it showing details of the page that the link (That your have your mouse over) is going to take you.

    The following table of data, are links to pages with more detailed information. What I am needing is for when the user highlights over a link in the table, to the right side, have a box, where details about whats in that link are displayed, just like the example from godaddy.

    As always, any help would be much appreciated.
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    DD has good list of the scripts which might be of help.
    - tooltip
    - Menus and Nav

    Hope it keeps you going.
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