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    Redirecting javascript problem

    Hi there

    I put the following script in my hello.htm file:

    <script language="Javascript">
    if(document.referrer.indexOf("://") == -1){
    location = "http://myhome.com"}

    But I want the "actual" hello.htm file to be shown in a pop out window....rather then redirecting to http://myhome.com

    I can' think of how to fix this at this point...because the javascriptpenpopup() functions as if I am typing it in the URL in the address bar...

    Is here any hint on how to modify this script?

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    That's confusing. You have this script in "hello.htm", and if the if-statement evaluates to true, exactly the same document shall be opened in popup window? So you have both "hello.html" in the main window and a popup window? Somehow this doesn't make sense to me, perhaps you start again explaining what you want.

    And the part with javascript:openpopup() I did not understand at all.


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