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    Very Complicated "FORM" !!!

    I want to use this form on my webpage,
    for passing values from Buttoms to a Textarea

    This one works but it only passes the value at the end of whatever is on the Textarea.
    I want to be able to pass the value anywhere on the Textarea

    Ex: Right after the word "text" on the Textarea or anywhere,
    and I want the Buttom to read something esle but not whatever
    value it passes on

    <form name="TA">
    <input type="button" value="1" name="B1" onclick="this.form.A.value=this.form.A.value + this.value">
    <input type="button" value="2" name="B2" onclick="this.form.A.value=this.form.A.value + this.value">
    <textarea name="A" cols="20" rows="3" >my text area</textarea>
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