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    JavaScript Cheat Sheets

    I thought this was cool and have found it to be quite useful, im sure many of you have encountered it before, but for those who have not, it might be useful:

    JavaScript Cheat Sheet

    but besides js theres many more


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    Nice find...the regex and mysql cheat sheets look especially useful...

    Would be nice if the site admin combined all of the cheat sheets into one compressed zip or rar file...
    Regards, R.J.


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    That is pretty nice...
    I've been using visibone a lot... Granted they are trying to sell an actual cheat-sheet booklet, but towards the bottom of the page there are "Free Services" which show an online cheat-sheet. I like how visibone provides examples as well as the actual definition so that you are sure you are writing it correctly.

    However, your ILoveJD site does have many more cheat-sheets for a variety of topics (WoW cheat-sheet?!) and they're all free (like I said, visibone gives you a sample, but they're mainly trying to sell you on their product).

    So I guess if you feel comfortable in using a specific function and are more looking for a syntax reminder, then these may be the way to go...
    If you want answers, write a smart question.

    Yes, someone probably does know how...

    Oh, and if you want to learn, STFW!


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