I have this snippet of code

PHP Code:
                    function createMarker(point,html,style,title
// FF 1.5 fix
html '<div align=\"left\" style=\"white-space:nowrap;\">' html '</div>';
icon.image 'modules/$module_name/icons/' style '.png';
marker = new GMarker(pointicon,{title:title});
GEvent.addListener(marker"click\", function() {marker.openInfoWindowHtml(html);});
                        return marker;
                      echo "
var point = new GPoint($userlong$userlat);";
                echo "
var marker createMarker(point'$markertext''$iconstyle' 'test tooltip');";
                echo "
and i think it should work but it doesnt

without the {title:title} section in the following line:
var marker = new GMarker(point, icon,{title:title});

it works ok but no tooltip, with that added in the cursor changes to the arrow instead of the hand and no tooltip

any pointers welcomed !
caveat i am no java programmer at all, i can find my way around php ok