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    how to retain quotes in the value after submitting the page

    I have a text box if a user enters a phrase he enters it within single(') or double quotes(").
    If the properties for test box are like this
    <input name="test" id="test" value = "<%=queryText"%>"> then
    the text box value is blank after submitting the form and when sourcecode is checked the value is ""testing"".
    if modified to <input name="test" id="test" value = <%=queryText"%>>
    then the value is shown after submitting the form as testing without quotes

    The page is JSP search page.After submitting the page appears with all the results since it is a search page
    How can I retain the value as it is when the value is entered in quotes.


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    Would it not be simpler if the user entered the search term without any quotes, and then these were added before submission.


    testStuff = '"' + testStuff + '"';


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