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    function call when onClick on image occurs

    Hello, what I'm trying to achieve is that when an image is clicked: it redirects to a webpage. I do not wan't it to just redirect however, some values should be given(window size, referrer, browser version and so on) before the other webpage is requested. I'll do this with a javascript function that appends some values(like a GET method) to the link:

    <SCRIPT language="javascript">

    function createAppendedString(link)
    //perform some actions and create a link
    function redirect(link)
    //calls createAppendedString with link as argument

    This code is called fro mthe following image:
    <IMG src='source' align='middle' onclick="this.redirect('main.php')"></IMG>

    why doesn't it work, if I click on the image it displays that an error occured

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