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    Expert Javascripters help needed on validation short script

    So I have this web page on my intranet, it was made by my predecessor.
    there's 3 fields.

    field1 - Qty needed
    field2 - Qty to order
    field3 - Qty in stock

    <input type='text' maxlength='8' name='quantity1' size='20' value='".htmlspecialchars($quot->quantity1, ENT_QUOTES)."' ".$this->readonly." onKeyUp=\"validateNumeric(this);calculateStock(quantity1, quantity2, quantity3);\" onChange=\"calculateStock(quantity1, quantity2, quantity3);\" >

    <input type='text' maxlength='8' name='quantity2' size='20' value='".htmlspecialchars($quot->quantity2, ENT_QUOTES)."' ".$this->readonly." onKeyUp=\"validateNumeric(this);calculateStock(quantity1, quantity2, quantity3);\" onChange=\"calculateStock(quantity1, quantity2, quantity3);\">

    <td><input type='text' maxlength='8' name='quantity3' size='20' value='".htmlspecialchars($quot->quantity3, ENT_QUOTES)."' readonly >

    You don't need to worry about the value thing, that's PHP values since the javascript is in a php variable. but it's the javascript doing funny business.

    Here's the function:

    function calculateStock( field1, field2, field3 ){
    if( field1.value >= field2.value){
    field3.value = field1.value - field2.value;
    if( field2.value - field1.value > 0 ){
    field2.value = field1.value;
    field3.value = 0;

    The problem is very hard to describe, because sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it doesn't because i don't fully understand how to reproduce it actually.

    Basically field1 is what first enter
    then you enter field two, the difference is field3
    it all happens real-time kinda thing

    I know i'm being vague, but whenever I have a 0 after a digit in field2, it doesn't work properly. It's almost as if 60340, it thinks after the first 0 it's the end and it's only 60.

    Can anyone help?

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    Could you post the contents of the validateNumeric() function?

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    Javascript compares as text for fields like that.
    You have to parseInt / parseFloat for form fields being compared with the math operators < and > etc


    If this post contains any code, I may or may not have tested it. It's probably just example code, so no getting knickers in a bunch over a typo, OK? If it doesn't have basic error checking in it, such as object detection or checking if objects are null before using them, put that in there. I'm giving examples, not typing up your whole app for you. You run code at your own risk.
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