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    Need help with a quiz program to ask questions randomly

    I am writing a java program to ask the user 5 random questions from 10 questions stored in an array, output if the answer is correct or incorrect and not to ask the same question more than once. Everything works except for the only asking the question only once. I can't figure out how to do this, can someone please help me?

    package Quiz;  //assigns package name
    import java.util.Scanner;  //adds Scanner utility from java library
    import java.util.Random;  //adds Random utility from java library
    public class Quiz //start Quiz class
    	String question;  //initializes question string 
    	String answer;  //initializes answer variable 
    	int correct=0, number;  //initializes scoring variables
    	Quiz[] quizBank = new Quiz[10];  //initializes quizBank array 
    	public static void main(String[] args) //start of main
    		Quiz bank = new Quiz();  //creates new Quiz object
    		bank.bankList();  //assigns name of portion of program to build the collection of questions and answers
    		bank.askQuestion();  //assigns name of portion of program to ask the questions
    	}  //end main
    	public void bankList() //start of bankList
    		quizBank[0] = new Quiz();  //Creates new object
    		quizBank[0].question = "The smallest prime number";  //Initialize object variables
    		quizBank[0].answer = "2";  //Initialize object variables
    		quizBank[1] = new Quiz();  //Creates new object
    		quizBank[1].question = "Area of triangle with base = 4 and height = 3";  //Initialize object variables
    		quizBank[1].answer = "6";  //Initialize object variables	
    		quizBank[2] = new Quiz();  //Creates new object
    		quizBank[2].question = "Area of square with side = 5";  //Initialize object variables
    		quizBank[2].answer = "25";  //Initialize object variables	
    		quizBank[3] = new Quiz();  //Creates new object
    		quizBank[3].question = "Square root of 144";  //Initialize object variables
    		quizBank[3].answer = "12";  //Initialize object variables	
    		quizBank[4] = new Quiz();  //Creates new object
    		quizBank[4].question = "No. of states in US";  //Initialize object variables
    		quizBank[4].answer = "50";  //Initialize object variables	
    		quizBank[5] = new Quiz();  //Creates new object
    		quizBank[5].question = "No. of continents in the world";  //Initialize object variables
    		quizBank[5].answer = "7";  //Initialize object variables
    		quizBank[6] = new Quiz();  //Creates new object
    		quizBank[6].question = "In which year did man land on the moon";  //Initialize object variables
    		quizBank[6].answer = "1969";  //Initialize object variables	
    		quizBank[7] = new Quiz();  //Creates new object
    		quizBank[7].question = "How many colors in a rainbow";  //Initialize object variables
    		quizBank[7].answer = "7";  //Initialize object variables	
    		quizBank[8] = new Quiz();  //Creates new object
    		quizBank[8].question = "How many colors in the US flag";  //Initialize object variables
    		quizBank[8].answer = "3";  //Initialize object variables	
    		quizBank[9] = new Quiz();  //Creates new object
    		quizBank[9].question = "Square of 25";  //Initialize object variables
    		quizBank[9].answer = "625";  //Initialize object variables	
    	}  //end of bankList
    	public void askQuestion() //start of askQuestion
    		Scanner input = new Scanner(System.in);  //prepare to read input from keyboard
    		System.out.println("********************************");  //prints heading top border
    		System.out.println(" Welcome to my Quiz Application");  //prints heading
    		System.out.println("********************************");  //prints heading bottom border
    		for (number=1; number<6; number++)  //start of counter for loop
    			Random draw = new Random();  //creates new random object
    			int choose = draw.nextInt(5);  //randomly chooses a question
    			System.out.printf("%d. %s?%n", number, quizBank[choose].question);  //prints question
    			String entered = input.nextLine();  //read input
    			if (entered.compareTo(quizBank[choose].answer)==0)  //checks the users input
    				System.out.println("*** Correct! ***");  //prints correct response
    				correct = correct + 1;  //counts number of correct answers
    			else  //start of response for wrong answers
    				System.out.println("--- Incorrect! ---");  //print the incorrect response
    		}  //end of counter for loop
    		System.out.println("*******************");  //prints footer top border
    		System.out.printf(" Your score is %d/%d%n", correct, number-1);  //prints results
    		System.out.println("*******************");  //prints footer bottom border
    	}  //end of askQuestion
    }  //end public class

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    I'd shuffle it instead of using Random. Problem with Random is you will need to keep asking it to give you something new and checking to see if its already given it to you.
    To shuffle, you'd use collections:
    PHP Code:
    List<QuizquizList Arrays.asList(quizBank);
    int iSize quizList.size();
    int iSelect 5;
    for (
    int i 0iSize && iSelect; ++i)

    For example.

    Otherwise, there are a few approaches. You can clone the existing array, and as you pull from it set it to null. Simply loop until you find something. Another is to create an array of int that tracks the position of one pulled. If it matches the random selection, try again.
    Random is wrong here though, that should probably be .nextInt(quizBank.length).

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    I appreciate your help, but I'm sorry to say your pretty much talking over my head. I don't really even follow your code. I am new to java and really only know the stuff in my code (barely). I am in an intro-programing class and we flew through java in 5 weeks, so I don't know much more than what you see. My textbook is no help, the teacher isn't following it at all, and I've been searching the net for something similar with no luck.

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    I'm not quite sure how I did it but I got it to work with your code and some searching on the net. I don't fully understand it, but it works. Thank you!!
    Below is my code, in case anyone else needs something similar.

    PHP Code:
    package Quiz;  //assigns package name
    import java.util.Arrays;  //adds Arrays utility from java library
    import java.util.List;  //adds List utility from java library
    import java.util.Scanner;  //adds Scanner utility from java library
    import java.util.Collections;  //adds Collections utility from java library 

    public class Quiz //start Quiz class
    String question;  //initializes question string 
    String answer;  //initializes answer string 
    int correct=0number;  //initializes scoring variables
    Quiz[] quizBank = new Quiz[10];  //initializes quizBank array 
    List<QuizquizList Arrays.asList(quizBank);  //sets the array as a list
    public static void main(String[] args//start of main
    Quiz bank = new Quiz();  //creates new Quiz object
    bank.bankList();  //assigns name of portion of program to build the collection of questions and answers
    bank.askQuestion();  //assigns name of portion of program to ask the questions
    }  //end main
    public void bankList() //start of bankList
    quizBank[0] = new Quiz();  //Creates new object
    quizBank[0].question "The smallest prime number";  //Initialize object variables
    quizBank[0].answer "2";  //Initialize object variables
    quizBank[1] = new Quiz();  //Creates new object
    quizBank[1].question "Area of triangle with base = 4 and height = 3";  //Initialize object variables
    quizBank[1].answer "6";  //Initialize object variables    
    quizBank[2] = new Quiz();  //Creates new object
    quizBank[2].question "Area of square with side = 5";  //Initialize object variables
    quizBank[2].answer "25";  //Initialize object variables    
    quizBank[3] = new Quiz();  //Creates new object
    quizBank[3].question "Square root of 144";  //Initialize object variables
    quizBank[3].answer "12";  //Initialize object variables    
    quizBank[4] = new Quiz();  //Creates new object
    quizBank[4].question "No. of states in US";  //Initialize object variables
    quizBank[4].answer "50";  //Initialize object variables    
    quizBank[5] = new Quiz();  //Creates new object
    quizBank[5].question "No. of continents in the world";  //Initialize object variables
    quizBank[5].answer "7";  //Initialize object variables
    quizBank[6] = new Quiz();  //Creates new object
    quizBank[6].question "In which year did man land on the moon";  //Initialize object variables
    quizBank[6].answer "1969";  //Initialize object variables    
    quizBank[7] = new Quiz();  //Creates new object
    quizBank[7].question "How many colors in a rainbow";  //Initialize object variables
    quizBank[7].answer "7";  //Initialize object variables    
    quizBank[8] = new Quiz();  //Creates new object
    quizBank[8].question "How many colors in the US flag";  //Initialize object variables
    quizBank[8].answer "3";  //Initialize object variables    
    quizBank[9] = new Quiz();  //Creates new object
    quizBank[9].question "Square of 25";  //Initialize object variables
    quizBank[9].answer "625";  //Initialize object variables    
    Collections.shuffle(quizList);  //shuffles the list
    }  //end of bankList
    public void askQuestion() //start of askQuestion
    Scanner input = new Scanner(System.in);  //prepare to read input from keyboard
    System.out.println("********************************");  //prints heading top border
    System.out.println(" Welcome to my Quiz Application");  //prints heading
    System.out.println("********************************");  //prints heading bottom border
    for (number=1number<6number++)  //start of counter for loop
    System.out.printf("%d. %s?%n"numberquizBank[number].question);  //prints question
    String entered input.nextLine();  //read input
    if (entered.compareTo(quizBank[number].answer)==0)  //checks the users input
    System.out.println("*** Correct! ***");  //prints correct response
    correct correct 1;  //counts number of correct answers
    }  //end of if
    else  //start of response for wrong answers
    System.out.println("--- Incorrect! ---");  //print the incorrect response
    }  //end of counter for loop
    System.out.println("*******************");  //prints footer top border
    System.out.printf(" Your score is %d/%d%n"correctnumber-1);  //prints results
    System.out.println("*******************");  //prints footer bottom border
    }  //end of askQuestion
    }  //end public class 


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