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    Unhappy simulator for managing of files on a disk.

    How to create this disk simulator?can u do this using java?

    Disk space is a valuable resource which should be used sparingly. When a file is brought in to a
    computer it saves all the data contained in to the disk. Managing files in a disk is a interesting
    task. Initially the all the available disk space is in kept in a pool which can be represented by a
    linked list (the space does not have to be contiguous). When a file is saved the space is taken
    from the pool and the allocation is maintained at the files end with another linked list
    You are required to implement a simulator for managing of files on a disk. Please follow the
    guidelines given below.
     Define the disk as an array of size numberOfSectors*sizeOfSector, sizeOfSector refers
    to the amount of characters stored in one sector. As for this assignment we will resolve to
    have 100 sectors with each holding 4 characters.
     The structure of the linked list node should be identified and it does not have to be the
    same for both the lists

     Implement the methods to save and delete files.
     Since the allocated sectors might not be contiguous (this phenomenon is known as
    fragmentation ) retrieval of the file from the disk can be very badly affected. You are
    required to write method which would remove file fragmentation from the disk.
    Coding Constraints
     Name of the Java class should be FileManagementSim
     The array should be named disk and the two linked lists should be named pool and file
     The method signatures of the above operations should be save(String filename) ,
    delete(String filename) and defragment(). You can have any number of methods you
    want but these three methods with there respective signatures are mandatory.
     The complete source code should be written in a single file . Once you have tested your
    program remove the main method from it before submitting.

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    Given you're criteria for note 5, yep its supposed to be in Java.

    This is clearly a homework assignment. We cannot do you're work for you, but we can answer any specific questions. Do you have any?
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    Been gone for a few months, and haven't programmed in that long of a time. Meh, I'll wing it ;)

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    You know, maybe we should take posts in the above form (OP's post); Where nothing more than the assignment description is given and move them all into a single thread. That way when the occasional person who actually wants to learn to program posts a thread like "I want to learn give me some projects to try" we can just point them to the thread with a list of other peoples assignment questions.

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