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    JSP and <%@ include file="/pages/

    In a parent JSP file: p.jsp there is a child jsp, c.jsp.

    <%@ include file="/pages/.../c.jsp

    Whenever I made a change to the c.jsp, I'll also need to change the time stamp for the p.jsp.

    1) How many ways are there for changing the timestamp of the p.jsp?

    2) In a team environment (CVS), I only checked in the c.jsp, but not the p.jsp (which I only added a blank space). How could the other developer run the app and see my changes, by only having the c.jsp updated?

    (I mean, if I do not change the timestamp for p.jsp, I'll never see the changes in c.jsp. If the other developers only updated the c.jsp, which I checked in, but not the p.jsp (I never checked in), how can they see my changes in c.jsp?)



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    i've not worked with cvs before but i believe you can set c.jsp as a dependency of p.jsp which would then be updated in version as its base dependency is
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