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    Problem with my z-index ?? please help.


    I have a page that uses a roll-over to display some extra information.

    The problem is that is not appearing on the top of the page in IE ( Moz FF works fine).

    The page can be seen live at :


    Then click on the top GO button which opens the "add a new advert" page.

    If you roll over the READ THIS text an info box will be displayed - BUT the selection boxes from the form underneath are showing through and obstructing the text.

    I have added a z-index: 3; to the <div> ( you can find this div towards the end of the source code )

    But I can not seeem to cure the problem

    Any suggestions ?

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    Select lists in Internet Explorer, iframes in Opera 8 (and earleir), and incorrectly defined Flash (which most is) will always display in front of everything else on the page. If you can't keep objects you need in front of them away from them then you may have to hide the <selectL, <iframe> and <object> tags when you want to make sure that they don't overlap in front of something else.
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    When you set the 'show more' div style to be visible, set the other ones to be hidden and set them back to be visible when you set the 'show more' div to be hidden.


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