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    Div not displaying correctly


    On my site, I have some rollovers on some images, which, when rolled over display a DIV.

    For the top one and the two side ones, it works fine, but the bottom one doesn't...

    Click here to see it...http://www.m3xvv.co.uk/Designs/Design%202/code/

    It's wrong in IE and in FF compared to the other 3...


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    Looking at your page in Firefox, I see nothing wrong with the flyouts. You didn't provide any information about your problem except, "works fine, but the bottom one doesn't," leaving little clue about what to look for. I see some small movement with the bottom in Internet Explorer; was this the problem? Viewing the source though, there's no way I'm going to wade through that mess of inline CSS and scripts to try to debug the code. There is a reason for CSS: to separate the style from content, something that was obviously not done here.

    On a side note, the page looks messed up when the user has changed their default background color from the default white. You may want to actually define that property.
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