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    Styling a paragraph that is all italics


    Wondering if anyone can help. I want to be able to apply a style to paragraphs that are entirely made up of italics.

    So, if I have an italicized word mid-paragraph, I don't want the rule to be applied. But if the entire paragraph is encased in italics tags (i.e. a p followed immediately by an i tag at the beginning, and a closing i tag followed by a closing p tag at the end), then I want the style to be applied.

    Please can you tell me how/if this can be done.



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    You could try p i {foo}. This applies a style to <i> tags that are a descendent of <p> tags. Of course, it'll work on the contents of any <i> within any <p> so you can set classes on the specific <i> you want to affect and use something like p i.STYLENAME {foo}.

    So it would work with <body><p><i class="STYLENAME">foo</i></p></body> but not <body><span><i>foo</i></span></body>.

    Resource: http://www.w3.org/TR/REC-CSS2/select...dant-selectors
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