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Thread: css and firefox

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    css and firefox

    I just started using Firefox to test my css and of course I’ve been surprised. And of course I wish I had done it earlier.

    If you look at http://justustwo.com/test_pos_para.htm in Firefox you’ll notice that text (inside <p> tags) is not rendered precisely inside the <div> tags in which they are contained. When rendered, a line break is inserted pushing the text down from where I would expect it to be. Look at the source to see how it is set up.

    But in my css, if I add

    p{ margin:0; padding:0; }

    it renders as I expect: http://justustwo.com/test_pos.htm

    Has anyone else had issues like this? Is this something I’ll have to be aware of from now on when using nested block level elements? Comments, please?

    The same thing happens in NN7, but not in IE6.

    Thanks, MB

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    yes, that is how it should behave. <p> tags, as well as a lot of block-level elements, have default margins/padding. One excellent trick is Mindless Lemming's Global White Space Reset . It basically sets every item on your page to have no default margins or padding, which tend to vary from browser to browser.
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