I found this thread which seemed like an excellent menu system, thx to Brothercake. However, I needed a horizontal menu bar... Further in the posting there was a non-working demo which looked like just what I needed

However, I grabbed the code, cleaned it up a little and tried it out. Unfortunately, the menu doesn't seem to work properly on Opera (I tried it on V7.54) or Mac/IE. In both cases the main items on the menu bar sit in a vertical stack instead of next to each other on the menubar.

Are there any gurus out there who could help me out please?

My test page is here

It uses CSS (internal to the HTML) and some Javascript. I've not edited either of these components from the original example I downloaded. I have placed the javascript into an external file however.

I've tested the menubar under IE6, Mozilla, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Mac/IE. The priority is Opera but I'd also like some sort of solution for Mac/IE given that I have a few users with that browser (they cannot run Safari as they don't have OS X!).

Thanks in advance !!