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    Question Is this even Possible???

    I am working on a layout for the special needs community that contains a circle of sorts, that contains eight choices on the wheel for them choose from. They would like to have the circle rotate around, have the eight selection options each clickable, Ohh and finally have it work with mobile devices which rules out flash, which was the first thing I attempted.

    Is this even possible, and would you please give me some guidance on how to make this happen?
    Thank You

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    Probably possible with HTML5 canvas, but it would run into all kinds of compatibility issues, and would only work with very new browsers.

    For a conventional approach you would need multiple images of the whel and have to use javascript to "rotate" the wheel with a series of image swaps in a loop, plus each of them would have to be an image map so you could define the hot spots.

    It would almost certainly be unreliable an wonky, and easily broken. On mobile the performance would range from acceptable to deplorable, to not working.

    Even if it worked properly, it would make the page look like something out of a cartoon. I don't use jquery, but this sounds like something nutty enough that there is probably a jquery solution.
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    Quote Originally Posted by COBOLdinosaur View Post
    I don't use jquery, but this sounds like something nutty enough that there is probably a jquery solution.
    If there's a jQuery solution then there are probably lots of other JavaScript solutions as well (since jQuery itself is simply a few lines of JavaScript written by John Resig that he decided to share). It certainly sounds like something that JavaScript could do.
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