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    Best iframe alternative?

    I have a sortable table that I want to allow other sites to display (dynamically) on their site with a code snippet I provide. I could do this with iframes but everyone says they're outdated and no good. I know I could use a simple php include but it wouldn't work if the sites / blogs weren't parsing as php or using .php extensions. What other options do I have (the simpler the better)?

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    Iframes are not outdated. They were re-included in HTML5. In this case, they also seem the best if not the only option.

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    You could also provide this table of information in XML format, and have the sites parse and format it as they desire. That might mitigate the potential issue for anyone who's not thrilled with your iframe code.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Frankie View Post
    They were re-included in HTML5.
    re-included is the wrong word. HTML 5 is the first version of HTML to include the <iframe> tag in the standard as an alternative to the <object> tag that HTML 4 introduced for the same purpose.

    Prior to HTML 4 the <iframe> tag was a proprietary tag introduced by one browser and subsequently copied by other browsers. It had become popular enough by 1997 when HTML 4 became a standard for HTML 4 to include it in the list of obsolete tags that people should replace as they transitioned to HTML 4.
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