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    Readonly checkboxes and radio buttons


    I have a form here and when you fill it in, I want a mail sent to you as a receipt with readonly information.

    There are a few checkboxes and radio buttons on the form, and my question is: How do I retrieve this information from the database and have it on the "receipt" as readonly?


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    Hi yazan,

    I have a silly question, but nonetheless, I want to ask to try to understand what you are creating. If a person receives an e-mail, typically, they cannot change it anyway, so why is there a reason to make it "readonly" information. Do you mean you don't want them to be able to forward it to someone else?


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    There is no way to prevent someone amending the content of an email that they receive. The only way to effectively make the email "read only" is to use a security certificate when creating the email so that the email is sent along with a hash value generated by the certificate and the content. Emails sent like that will then identify whether the content is still the original or not when they are opened since if they are changed in any way whatsoever the content will no longer match the hash.

    As for displaying checkboxes and radio buttons in emails - you can't invclude forms in emails at all - you would just include text indicating whatever value was selected.
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