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    Google Search 4 Nested Tables??

    Okay, so I'm a little baffled at why google used 4 nested tables for a small input on their search page. They use <center> to "save load time," but what about the 4 tables? The google search page is supposed to load as fast as possible. I've seen this used other places, does anyone know why they would do this?

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    I've tried it out in the past, but didn't find any download time difference between tables and divs. That doesn't mean that I find tables suited for layouts, one or two layouts exempted, but that myth would be busted by Adam and Jamie.

    Having said that, that still should be no reason for Google to use them. Worse than that, their search page is riddled with coding errors (validator report). Given that they make a point of valid coding when submitting websites, that is ridiculous!
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