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    CSS/HTML Menu Bar

    Hi everyone, im new here and looking for some help

    Essentially what I need to create is a vertical menu bar that uses css/html only and includes sub menus.
    The best example of what I need can be seen on the following site:
    If you see the menu bar on the left, I need something like that.
    Thing is that was created using Dreamweaver (its a Spry menu bar).
    Can that sort of thing be replicated using CSS/HTML only?
    Does anyone know any basic code that could help get me started?
    Many thanks for any help.

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    you can look at their script with inspect element

    i think they used javascript for the hover, but you can use something like this http://css.maxdesign.com.au/listamat...rizontal04.htm which is pure css
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    It's a bit difficuilt doing this, using only HTML and CSS. It can be done but I dont recommend it, since you have little control over the flow and the timing of the menu. But, if you want, it is possible. It basically works like this:

    li ul {display: none;}
      li:hover > ul {display: block;}
    The 2nd line lets you display the ul whenever you hover over the li.

    For more info and in depth tutorials about this:

    the first one describes the pros and cons of using only html and css, so that might be helpful in your case


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