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    Multiple Submit Buttons with PERL

    I have a problem that I have been tasked with and have no idea how to do it. Needless to say, I do not know javascript have been told that is what I need to use to solve the problem. Here is the issue. I have a basic webiste that I wrote completely in HTML and Perl. On the page I have a submit button that sends a couple of input values to a PERL script. That script passes the values to a socket server (an internal TCL server) executes a TCL script and then returns the results to the Perl script which in turn prints on the web page. I am trying to combine all of the individual search pages into one but since I can only have one submit button per page I cannot do it in HTML. So here is my thought. If I could have several Submit Buttons that would run each script and send the variables to the TCL server I could combine all the pages into one and the user would not have to re-enter the vlaues on each page. I just have NO idea how to make this happen. If I could get one example working I can figure out the rest.

    First button has 2 values (fileId, msgId)
    the PERL script it passes is cgi-bin/findOrderToLab.pl

    Any ideas on how to make this work or am I even headed the right direction?

    Really need some help.


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    Are you talking about forms and not submit buttons? You know you can have as many buttons as you want on a html page? As for forms you can submit a large number of values with one button. So I don't understand your problem.

    How about a link to your site that shows what your trying to do.


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