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    Images not lining up?

    I have created two buttons for my website, a "HOME" button and a "BACK" button. I have listed the code below. I have positioned the home button on top of the back button towards the side of the page. They line up 100% perfect in IE, one on top of the other. When I open the same page in Safari, Chrome or firefox, the home buttom is lined up perfect but the back button is slightly moved over to the left by 1 or 2 pixels but enough to where the viewer of the page can tell that the buttons are not aligned with one another.
    Any suggestion would be very much appreciated.

    <a href="\EE Properties\Ehome.htm"><img src="\EE Properties\epgif\home2.jpg"style="position:relative;left:-17px; top:160px;border-color:transparent;"><a href="\EE Properties\Ecommercial.htm"><img src="\EE Properties\epgif\back2.jpg"style="position:relative;left:-45px;top:270px;border-color:transparent;"></a>

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    I'd advise against relative positioning if its not necessary. Try floating your buttons to where they should be, if possible.

    A link to your page would also help, or a little more code to give some context.
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