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    How do you post html codes in a scroll box for xanga entries?

    I'm a layout maker for xanga, and I'm having a little trouble with html. I made a layout, but I have no clue how to post it so people can use it. I want it in a scroll box, but when I post that in an html entry, the layout becomes one with the entry! I need help on finding a code that will allow me to post html into a scroll box.

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    How to put HTML code in a textarea or scroll box so it can be copied/pasted:

    You MUST deactivate the HTML code by making it appear as text in whichever box you use. The code I show below WILL work as it's been tested. To have active code to be clickable inside the scroll box, you MUST use a div type scroll box and not one using the "textarea" tags.

    Change all the opening tag symbols, "&lt;", to the character entity, & lt ; (without spaces) as & lt ; (without spaces) = <. This will deactivate the HTML code in the textarea/scroll box, but allow users viewing the page to copy/paste the code.


    <textarea style="background: transparent;" rows="8" cols="70"> & lt;img style="width: XXpx; width: YYpx; border: 0; src"pic link" alt="Text  Description"> </textarea>
    There is no closing tag for the image tag unless you are using an XHTML DocType then the image tag is closed with a space and a "/":


    & lt;img style="width: XXpx; width: YYpx; border: 0; src"pic
    link" alt="Text Description" /&' gt;
    &' lt; without spaces = < and &' gt; without spaces = >
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