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    alignment problem

    Hi, I have my main page which is www.fkcapitalfund.com. If you click to any other link on the site like www.fkcapitalfund.com/bridgefinancing.html, the words in the navigation bar shifts slightly upward and the join the email list thing shifts to the right slightly. I compare the HTML on both and they're identical. I can't figure it out.

    I had wanted to create a PHP header and footer so that I would only have to create 1 header and 1 footer and then reference each one on all my pages, but it's exceedingly difficult. Any help on the above problem would be appreciated, thanks.

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    Hello fkcap,
    I'm afraid I did not dig through it all to see but that homepage has 110 errors and the next page, Bridge Financing, has 421 errors.
    One of those missing closing tags maybe?
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