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    Button bug; text shifts right in IE


    Observe the following upper right buttons stacked one upon the other:
    Inline Mode
    Display Mode
    Text-inside-math MODE
    Switch to LaTEX Markup MODE
    1st symptom:
    Buggy behaviour is exhibited as the text inside the button on each new level shifts a bit to the right.

    Those of you who've tried to style buttons will realise cross-compatibility is an issue with text-align of the buttons contents; IE just ignores it so the obvious solution doesn't work.

    2nd symptom:
    Moreover, the width of the button becomes far too long for the text and sticks out of the div.

    I can apply styling width and height to control this second symptom, but this solution is inelegant and doesn't take care of text-alignment.

    I'd really like to try and understand this bug and why it happens to achieve the most direct and elegant fix.
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