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    overflow: auto causing vertical scrollbar despite no explicit height

    Hey all,

    When you specify a rule of overflow: auto to an element, I was told that a scrollbar will only appear if you set an explicit width or height to the same element. Well, in the below case, I was getting a vertical scrollbar despite the fact that I specified no height rule on the div. The scrollbar only went away when I reluctantly added padding:

    .layout {
    	width: 900px;
    	overflow: auto;
    	margin: auto auto;
    	padding: 3em;
    	background: url('/images/fieldsettran.png') repeat-y;
    .layout div:first-child {
    	width: 300px;
    	float: left; 
    .layout div:last-child {
    	width: 550px;
    	float: left;
    Does anyone know the logic as to why the scrollbar appeared in the first place (despite no explicit height set to the div container) and why it was only when I specified padding did it go away?

    Thanks for any response.

    I don't know if it matters, but one of the divs contained form elements.
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    Because a padding of 3em on each side will cause the overall width to be 850px + 6em which is likely greater than 900px therefore a scrollbar will appear. I'm betting its just the horizontal scrollbar that is actually active.
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