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    Unhappy How to solve broken CSS on IE?

    An expendable drop down menus works fine on Firefox and Google Chrome, but can't expend in IE 8 on a situation. And, a layout CSS code is broken in the old version IE. Any special tool to find and fix IE special problem?
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    Any special tool to find and fix IE special problem?
    Knowledge/Experience is the only "tool" to debug such cases. btw, can we have a link to your page?
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    You can check for validation which might show any typos/errors, although this is not IE specific it could help in identifying a problem with HTML/CSS..

    IETester is a good program which allows you to view sites on different IE versions from 5.5 - 9, so it could prove some use in this case.

    I also believe there are possibly some "Live-Edit" add-ons for IE which allow you to edit the page on the fly, so it could help in a trial and error solution sort of way..

    No tool can identify and fix errors in such a way, your best bet is a forum (by posting a link/HTML and CSS) or use of the mentioned tools and knowledge on HTML/CSS within different browsers to try and pinpoint the problem yourself.

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    Unless you give us the code, we can't help much more than what's already been said, so post away if needs be!


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