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    Internet Explorer Layout issues in IE in index.html files only


    I am having issues with how certain pages look in IE. They look fine in all other browsers but it seems any version of IE does not centre the template and displays padding strangely (with gaps etc).

    The files are as index files in folders:

    http://www.poboxgallery.com/projects/ (and all files contained within this folder are index files too and they also don't display).

    I have tried a version of the file outside the folder here and it looks fine:


    I cannot understand why this is happening, would be so grateful for some advice.

    Thank you

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    Before trying to get your pages to behave as you want them to in all browsers it is a really good idea to ensure that they only contain valid HTML and CSS.

    See my sig below for links to the W3C validators.
    - Michael Baker - HTML Tags Guide - Reference and Tutorials
    - Like voting, validate early, validate often - W3C HTML Validator - W3C CSS Validator
    - Wot? me cynical? no, its just if you vote, er, validate early, you have more chance of validating often.

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    you may already know but if not you now know IE is terrible with CSS specifically the older versions but there is an easy solution

    you can make style sheets specifically for IE by using
    <!--[if IE]>
    	<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="all-ie-only.css" />
    this goes in the head section and only IE will read this so you can set all the margins and padings etc in that to fix them in IE.

    There is more info on this here:

    hope it helps


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