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    Automatically adding icons of e-mail and phone

    Sorry for posting maybe such a trivial thread, but I really can't solve it...
    I created a website on Wordpress and there is a page with a contacts. There is nothing special in html code, it is like this:

    [CODE]</strong>telefon: 311 622*311, linka 22*<br />
    e-mail:*<a href="mailto:ladislav.sima@seznam.cz">ladislav.sima@seznam.cz</a></p>[CODE]

    On some computers, there is only text, like:

    telefon: 311 622 311, linka 22
    e-mail: ladislav.sima@seznam.cz

    but on others instead of text "telefon" and "e-mail" there are suddenly icons of phone and envelope...
    which is very nice and I would like to have it on every computers.
    But I don't know how to do it...

    I am not sure if it is browser or operating system, which causes it...

    Thank everybody for your help!


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    Maybe you have skype or something similar installed? I seem to recall this issue a coupld of years ago on my machine and I had to change the setting either in Skype or FF. (can't recall).

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