Hi, this is my second post here in codingforums, becouse my first one was resolved (thanks ) i wanted to ask for help again
I have this navigation menu on the header of my site

When you log in you get this

You can see that log in and register links have dissapeared and my acc, locker, favorites, etc links are shown instead.

What i wanted is these new links to be shown in a drop down menu such as youtube menu does.

I will post that part of code
HTML code:
     <div class="Menu_Container"><b> Welcome
       <span><a href="index.php">Home</a></span>
       <span><a href="audio_uploader.php">Upload</a></span>
       <span><a href="login.php">Register</a><!--[onload_319;block=span;when [var.show_register]=1;comm]--></span>
       <span><a href="myaccount.php">My Account</a><!--[onload_320;block=span;when [var.show_my_account]=1;comm]--></span>
       <span><a href="audio.php?load=mymusic">Locker</a><!--[onload_101;block=span;when [var.loggedin]=1;comm]--></span>
       <span><a href="audioplaylist.php?keepThis=true&amp;TB_iframe=true&amp;height=580&amp;width=830"  class="thickbox">Playlists</a><!--[onload_401;block=span;when [var.show_my_account]=1;comm]--></span>
       <span><a href="audio.php?load=myfavs">Favorites</a><!--[onload_321;block=span;when [var.show_my_favs]=1;comm]--></span>
       <span><a href="emailinbox.php">Email([var.number_of_emails])</a><!--[onload_322;block=span;when [var.show_email_count]=1;comm]--></span>
       <a href="[var.login_out_link]">[var.login_out]</a>
       <br />
respective CSS code:
.Menu_Container {
	height: 36px;
	width: 690px;
	float: right;
    padding-right: 10px;
	text-align: right;
    font-weight: bold;
.Menu_Container a{
.Menu_Container a:hover{
	text-decoration: underline;
Any suggestion on how to solve the problem? i've searched for drop downs menus but i get a lot of errors, most of them are coused by the java piece of code guess.
Thanks in advance