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    Page of pictures PHP

    Hi, I'm trying to make a web page so I can view images in my directory, to make my webserver more eye friendly. I learned HTML a while back so I'm still refreshing. I'm trying to build a page where the full picture is on the left half of the page and the right half is a list of all thumbnails. First off I have the page refreshing every 70 seconds to check for updated images. I have a php script that is supposed to read all images within a directory and export as gallery[0], [1], ...

    //PHP SCRIPT: getimages.php
    Header("content-type: application/x-javascript");
    //This function gets the file names of all images in the current directory
    //and ouputs them as a JavaScript array
    function returnimages($dirname=".") {
    $pattern="(\.jpg$)|(\.jpeg$"); //valid image extensions
    $files = array();
    if($handle = opendir($dirname)) {
    while(false !== ($file = readdir($handle))){
    if(eregi($pattern, $file)){ //if this file is a valid image
    //Output it as a JavaScript array element
    echo 'gallery['.$curimage.']="'.$file .'";';
    echo 'var gallery=new Array();'; //Define array in JavaScript
    returnimages() //Output the array elements containing the image file names
    I found this script that is of a slideshow, but instead I would like to list the images individually. Does anyone know how to I can modify this script to do so? Or at least head me in the right direction. Here is the script
    <script type="text/javascript">
    var curimg=0
    function rotateimages(){
    document.getElementById("slideshow").setAttribute("src", "pics/"+galleryarray[curimg])
    curimg=(curimg<galleryarray.length-1)? curimg+1 : 0
    setInterval("rotateimages()", 2500)
    <div style="width: 170px; height: 160px">
    <img id="slideshow" src="pics/bear.gif" />
    I modified it slightly to give me the most recent image as my large thumbnail (full image) on the left half. This is where I'm stumped.
    <script type="text/javascript">
    var curimg=0
    function newestimg(){
    document.getElementById("largethumb").setAttribute("src", "images/"+gallery[curimg])
    curimg=(curimg<gallery.length-1)? gallery.length-1 : curimg
    All help is appreciated,

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    If the images and also the directory
    in your server are already "world readable",
    why do you need the php?



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