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    Thumbnail image not displaying

    It seems that this tutorial I've been following on "Image Hovering" is heavier than I intitally thought. Thanks to kristingish, I was able to align the floating image properly. The problem now is: How to get the thumbnail images to display on the left side.

    Following this tutorial (which is very concise): http://www.cssplay.co.uk/articles/gallery/index.html
    I've been able to replicate most of the functionality but unable to get a default thumbnail to display :S
    After comparing the code from the tutorial with my code, I realize the gallery code is mostly identical and now I face the challenge of picking the needle from the haystack.

    It turns out my initial code became dis-organized as I progressed, and I think theres a line or two hiding in there which masks or overrides the thumbnail specification. Funny though, the hover function still changes the color and border properties of the thumbnails :\

    Any ideas as to what could be causing this?
    This is my page: http://futureproof.000a.biz/photo-gallery2.html
    specifically in photo-gallery2.html

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    The paths in the url() os your CSS is not correct.When using relative paths, it should be based on the relative paths of your CSS file and images. Try
    #text a.slidea {/*style.css (line 148)*/
    background:transparent url(../tmp/stone.jpg) repeat scroll 0 50%;
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