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    Input Box Questions?

    How can I make an input box look taller showing room for 2, or 3 lines of text? Like "size" for the boxes height?

    Also I have used the "value=optional" parameter to show that input is optional, how can I make that appear grey to the users? Then when they start typing their input is still looks black? Thanks a lot guys.
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    You should be able to style it with CSS for the height and width, as far as I know. I've never tried.

    here's the focus script for text input. You'll have to make changes of course, but I hope it's a good start for you. I'm sorry that the focus only changes the style in firefox. I don't know why it doesn't work in IE
    <!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>testing autofocus (Web Forms 2)</title>
     input{ background:red ;color:white;font-family:Comic Sans MS Bold  }
     input:focus{ background:white;color:red;font-family:impact }
    <p>This form control should have a switched background: <input autofocus>


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