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    Image changes color in IE

    one of my banners changes to a darker color in IE but is the rite color in FF. ive fixed it by using conditional comments to change the image when in IE, but is there another way?


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    Can we have a link to your page?
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    If this is a PNG then it probably has something to do with the gamma correction that some browsers do/don't do for PNG images. I'm far from expert on the topic, but this is an issue I have heard of before and I don't know of any way to correct it. Even if you can get it looking right on your machine another viewer could have a similar problem (or so I hear).

    I understand that GIF's are supposed to be better supported for gamma, but then there's the obvious reduction of quality...

    Edit: Here's an article that touches on this topic a bit...
    The problem arises from the fact that browsers have traditionally treated the RGB values specified in CSS (and HTML), GIF and JPEG as identical (numerically and colorimetrically). With PNG, however, the stored gamma information is used to "correct" the RGB values prior to displaying the image, which means that they won't match other design elements when viewed in certain browsers. To complicate matters even further, not all browsers interpret this information in the same way: some ignore it completely, while others apply an arbitrary gamma adjustment.
    I'm not confident that you could ever correct for crossbrowser viewing with just CSS...
    Check out the reference there to PNGCrush - it looks like it can do what you need.

    Let me know how this works out for you...
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    It's usually a good idea to start out with this at the VERY TOP of your CSS: * {border:0;margin:0;padding:0;}
    Seek and you shall find... basically:
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