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    Creating an advanced form?

    Hi hopefully I am posting this in the correct forum. I have a question about making/submitting forms, but on a more detailed level.

    Basically what I am trying to assemble is a "build a custom computer" type page on a site for users to pick specific parts they want, and then ultimately get a 'total' price, which I can somehow link to my paypal to charge them.

    I have basic knowledge of creating forms, but the part I am having difficulty with is making it so that the option you select in each dropdown menu will add some variable amount to the final total. Any help is much appreciated!

    [Dropdown menu with Cases]
    -case 1 ($30)
    -case 2 ($50)
    [Dropdown menu with motherboards]
    -motherboard 1 ($100)
    -motherboard 2 ($150)

    [SUBMIT] (where it calculated the sum price of your choices, and brings up a paypal shopping cart kind of page)

    Hopefully this all makes sense, thanks!

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    I could help you out with this if you did it in php, is that what you're using?


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