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    Macintosh One url name for all pages without frames?


    Is it possible to go to a linked page on a Website without the url in the browser window changing?

    For e.g.
    The homepage is "www.mywebsite.com/homepage"
    When I click on a link this changes to "www.mywebside/myhomepage/linkedpage/"

    Is there a trick with css or html so that the url remains the same "www.mywebsite.com" even when I am on the homepage or linked page? Some way of hiding the name of the linked page (not using frames)?

    Probably not ... but I wonder?


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    Firstly id say don't do it, for users its going to be incredibly annoying if they cant copy and paste the valid URL.

    The only reason i can see for you to do it, is so that you are happy with the look of your page. But 99% of users either wouldn't care or look at the address bar, or would find it extremely annoying. I know I would!

    In answer to your question there is no way to do it with HTML/CSS or Java Script alone. The only way is to change your server settings to rewrite the URI on the fly. It is all described here


    P.S However I suggest don't do it
    You can not say you know how to do something, until you can teach it to someone else.


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